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GLEnet Tips

Global transformation of education? See what Brookings Institution suggests (ASCD Worldwide).

Social Conscience and Inner Awakening… Action Research of a Teaching forEmpowerment Program in South India (ALEA).

Summer school? Teaching Christian Worldview is a brief primer on a topic worth knowing for educators in Lutheran schools. (All About…). Google Christian worldview for teachers or challenges to Christian teaching for additional resources.

Plan for the 2019 convocation. The Convocation Budget Guide, Convocation Deposit Options, and Convocation Installment Plan can help. By locking in your 2019 convocation registration plus two years of membership by June 30, we will discount your total by $65 if you make two payments or by $64 if you make three payments. You will owe NOTHING on your basic registration when registration time comes along!

Summer publication schedule…
LEA network publications will take summer vacation May 28–August 6. (You may hear from us when situations warrant a release.) Network listservs and social media remain operational for networking among you.

May 25, 2018

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New partnership… Congratulations to the Lutheran educators in Guatemala who launched a new professional organization this weekend at their conference. Asociacion de Cristianos Luteranos Educadores de America (ACLEA) translates to Association of Christian Lutheran Educators in the Americas. Lutheran educators of other Latin American countries can become part of this association. Lutheran Education Association and LeadAChild have been helping leadership in Guatemala and other Central American countries develop the concept of such an organization.

Start planning for the 2019 convocation. The Convocation Budget Guide, Convocation Deposit Options, and Convocation Installment Plan can help.

Blessing South India… Teach for Empowerment in South India (ALEA).

Language learning… Scientists Reveal Cut-Off Age for Learning a New Language (Independent). (ASCD Worldwide Edition SmartBrief)

The what? The Great Commission: Shame on Us (Tom Couser/Passing the Torch).

On Christian biblical worldview…
While most of the following Reformed sources need your Lutheran discernment, some may inform you in the struggle to address worldviews other than Christian biblical:

·         Axis:  This ministry has a “Cultural Translator” email they send weekly that provides insight into ways culture is influencing students.

·         The Colson Center features a daily radio and email commentary called Breakpoint. It focuses on timely issues occurring in culture in relation to the Christian worldview.

·         All About Worldview: This website serves as an excellent resource with information about the Christian worldview as well as the major non-Christian worldviews

·         The Dennison Forum provides a daily email that thoughtfully addresses issues of the day with biblical truth.

·         Sean McDowell is the son of renowned apologist Josh McDowell. His website includes numerous articles on various worldview/apologetics topics

(Thanks to Roy Faletti from Summit Ministries for these leads.)

May 11, 2018

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You will want to read Karin Semler’s “Learning is a Treasure” in the latest issue of Shaping the Future.

Quality… Teacher Magazine comments on Assessing Global Competence.

Take your temperature…
Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need (KelloggInsight). (BoardSource SmartBrief) You might recognize it as agape.

Need a better grasp of Christian worldview? Check out a resource from Summit Ministries (while ignoring references to decision theology). (Thanks to Roy Faletti for this lead.)

Extended learning… Why We Need to Teach Kids the“What’s Next?” Mindset (Focus2Achieve).

Considering a change? “… we also need to remember that it may not matter to the Holy Spirit in which Peoria we decide to teach. If two congregations have extended Calls, we may in faith exercise our freedom to move to Kansas or to stay in Illinois. Assuming our ministry will be productive in either place, our Savior may encourage us to choose for ourselves.” (Jane Fryar in chapter 11 of A Teacher of the Church, edited by Russ Moulds, Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2007.)

April 20, 2018

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April is National Poetry Month in the United States. So you might want to explore a more global recognition with sites such as Hello Poetry, Famous Poets and Poems, and maybe these mentions of site from a recent issue of MIDnet’s Tips of the Week: 5 Ways to Celebrate Poetry (edutopia), 5 Poems to Learn for National Poetry Month (education world), Selection of Christian Poetry, and—if you dare—poetry about pottery (All Poetry)!

A new way to learn language… Techno Teachers: Finnish School Tests Robot Educators  (VOA). (ASCD Worldwide)

A little heavy reading… Unlocking the Science of How Kids Think (EducationNext).

AI, AI, AI… How Artificial Intelligence is Already Transforming Education (Education Week Education Futures).

Science and religion… Give yourself 28 minutes to listen to a KFUO
interview with Lutheran toxicologist Dr. Michael Dourson as he demonstrates that nature and the Bible are in accord. (The interview actually starts about 4 minutes into the broadcast.) (LifeTogether)

April 6, 2018



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