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GLEnet Tips

For deeper consideration:

·       Apologetic Resources: “A Young Earth ministry perspective, namely contrasting Scripture to true science now and during the ages” by Jim Pagels. (Michigan District LCMS)

·      What a Foolish Idea archived webinar by Martin Barlau. By the time they reach middle-school children are confronted with varying concepts about the origin of the universe and the development of all the life forms that have existed on earth. In a Christian school, if not elsewhere, they learn about creation. But their world is also steeped in full blown acceptance of the principles of evolution. These ideas may also be supported in some Christian schools, especially at higher levels.

·      Did God Really Say? archived webinar by Martin Barlau. Survival of the fittest is a concept deep in the bedrock of the theory of evolution. As such, it also shapes the basic worldview of those who deny the account of creation or of those who are doing life without God. As Christians, we must ask whether survival of the fittest, or other aspects of the concept of evolution, are in line with God’s Word. Did God really say, “Let there be…?” And how does the concept of survival of the fittest play out in daily life? What should we be teaching our children? Should our worldview differ? 

A helpful how-to? Inspiring Students to Become Global Problem Solvers (Edgar Ochoa in eSchool News). (ASCD Global Education)

Coming soon… Global Collaboration Week. Find out how you might participate.

Finish like the Finnish? 6 Key Principals That Make Finnish Education a Success (EdSurge).

The 2019 LEA awards cycle
is accepting nominations through October 26, 2018. See the awards page for links and additional information on the 14 categories of awards.

September 7, 2018

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In case you missed Tuesday’s grand opening webinar, Oh, What a Grand Year We Will Have by Rich Cohrs, it is available in the webinar archives. (Be patient with the confused banter that precedes the actual webinar, please.)

Registration for the 2018–2019 Lutheran School Postcard Exchange is now open. This is an opportunity for Lutheran schools to connect to each other as we share information about our schools and communities. (Thanks to James Kroll for this lead.)

The 2019 LEA awards cycle
is accepting nominations through October 26, 2018. See the awards page for links and additional information on the 14 categories of awards.

If some of the kids in your class puzzle you, the problem might be that they are “2e” See Twice Exceptional Children: A Paradox in the Classroom, a feature article by Denise Rice in the latest Shaping the Future.

Global thinking in the U.S. Learn How Two Schools Are Thinking Globally and Taking Action Locally (Education Week Global Learning).

Learn more about Asia Lutheran EducationAssociation.

August 17, 2018

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Tips is (are?) back. We hope LEA’s tips will lead you to useful resources with minimal effort and time. We also hope to slant some of those tips towards awareness of where they fit in with the Christian, biblical worldview. Oh… feel free to embellish or comment on any of the tips. Just use “reply to all” or create a fresh post to glenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.  

Use your LEA colleagues to provide advice or solutions to your teaching situations, questions, and issues. Post to glenet@listserv.cuchicago.edu.

Be sure to see Phil Frusti’s Year 51: The Harvest is Still Plentiful on the GLEnet page in the new issue of Shaping the Future. Browse the entire magazine too!

Get a copy of 2018/2019 chapel talks from our friends at LeadaChild/Kids Helping Kids. Take time to browse around their entire website too. While it’s on your mind, get your copy of the LCMS Chapel Talks for 2018-2019 too.

Teaching about China? See Using Inquiry to Teach About China (Doug Young in Education Week Global Learning).

The 2019 LEA awards cycle will accept nominations beginning August 6. See the awards page for links and additional information on the 14 categories of awards.

Have you encountered this? The Unteachable Moment (ExchangeEveryDay).

Get to know your students
with a Back-to-School Survey (education world). Consider adding one question to the 10 provided: What do you know about Jesus? If you are using the PDF provided, you could just dictate this question.

August 10, 2018


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