Four new LEA webinars are open for registration. Check out the titles anddescriptions.

Back-to-school sales are already popping up. Think about shopping LEA too. Now is a good time to order buttons, so you will have a supply on Day 1.

Lutheran Federal Credit Union named LEA its Ministry of the Month. During August, when you use your LutheranFCU debit or credit card for $1,517 or more in purchases, they will give both you and LEA $5.00. Call 314-394-2790 for more information.

LEA weekly network publications and twice-weekly LEAnews will return the week of August 6.

Sin always produces pain and suffering. See How Trauma and Stress Affect a Child’s Brain Development (Jackie Mader in The Hechinger Report).

Ever wonder who, if anyone, is reading the Bible? See Barna’s State of the Bible 2018 report.

If only you had known this earlier… The Importance of Wasting Time. (ExchangeEveryDay)

Who knows? You might have some potential inventors in your classroom this year. Check out 16 Tools to Promote Inventiveness in the Classroom (Laura Scione in eSchool News).

See the latest LEA weekly devotion “Using Time Wisely” based on Ecclesiastes 3:6. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

See the latest
From the Past… devotion: “Don’t Forget Your Name” from 2004 based on Matthew 11:25–30. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

July 17, 2018

Scroll down for the July 10 issue.

If you teach confirmation class, you’ll want to see CPH’s new Teach the Faith Curriculum and its companion book, Timeless Truth: An Essential Guide for Teaching the Faith. BTW… an excerpt of the book will appear in the fall issue of Shaping the Future.

Topping the tech… See Katie Martin’s The Key to 21st Century Isn’t Tech. It’s Evolved Teaching (EdSurge).

Maybe it’s too early to think about grading, but… what do you think of The ‘Show Me’ Grading System of the Future? (Kyle Wagner in Getting Smart.)

Next month… The fall issue of Shaping the Future will appear early in August. Among the 16 topics are pastor-teacher relationships by Angie Ryg, first year principals by Jim Pingel, and a Guatemala story from Phil Frusti.

Would you like to write for Shaping the Future? Check out the writers’ guide and send your query to ed.grube@lea.org.

Not so much into writing? Maybe sharing by speaking is more you. Tell me if you would like to do a webinar—and help others to grow along with you. See
Tips for LEA Webinar Presentations. Same query as above… ed.grube@lea.org.

Convocation progress… LEA network leadership teams vetted more than 250 sectional proposals, which now have passed through a second level of vetting by the convocation steering committee’s sectional team. The next step is a third vetting process, which also involves content/audience gap analysis. The goal is to provide you with approximately 175 choices in 60-minute slots and 35 choices in 30-minute slots.

Psst… Consider getting August 14 at 11:00 a.m. on your school calendar—perhaps for a preterm workshop spot: Rich Cohrs will present a motivational kick-off LEA webinar. More details to come. And add August 16 at 11:00 a.m. too for another preterm treat: Trusting the Cross—Trusting You, another LEA webinar by Glenn Grage. Registration coming soon.

Indiana District LCMS is inviting nominations for the position of
Executive Counselor for Christian Education. Send nominations to dave.ebeling@in.lcms.org.

See the latest LEA weekly devotion “Smart Mouth” based on Proverbs 9:11a. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

See the latest
From the Past… devotion: “Know-It-All” from 2002 based on Matthew 11:25–30. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

July 10, 2018