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LEA’s weekly network publications will be on break next week. LEAnews will have only a Tuesday edition. Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for your contributions to Christian education, Lutheran style!

The latest issue of Lutheran Education Journal is now available in a new online format. Topics include reading and ebooks, needs of the whole child and whole teacher, improving student retention, and more.

The Christmas Story Told From Kids’ Perspective (Brian Orme in ChurchLeaders)… Why not join the commercial ventures already stocking their shelves with goodies?

Arrange to receive daily Advent devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries. Advent begins December 2.

Weekly devotions written by Gregory Seltz are available from the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty.

Multiple Intelligences Theory: Widely Used, Yet Misunderstood (Youki Terada for edutopia)…  Some deeper reading for your weekend.

The Journey Begins is the 2019 Lutheran Hour Ministry’s new online mission trip. This is just a heads-up for “Passport to Peru,” scheduled for National Lutheran Schools Week at the end of January.

November 16, 2018

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·         GLEnet, ETnet, and PEN weekly publications

·         LEA weekly devotion “Fantastic Field Trip—Stop 2” based on Exodus 14:1. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

·         From the Past… devotion: “Christmas Plays are Coming to Town” from 2007 based on 1 Chron.25:8. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

Word From the Center is a weekly devotion by Gregory Seltz for the Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty. Yesterday’s devo is linked here, but you might consider subscribing for yourself.

Advent devotions… available in several formats from Lutheran Hour Ministries. (Thanks to David Bever for this lead.)

Four Things That Remain Solidly True No Matter the Mid-Term Election Results. A timely think piece from Randy Alcorn at eternal perspective ministries. (A La Carte Weekend)

Wellness Lessons From Toddlers… “vintage” wisdom from 3-year-olds in ExchangeEveryDay.

Last call for Thursday’s webinar!

2019 NationalAdministrators Conference
keynotes include “Reawakening Virtues Through Education and the Opportunity for Education to be Part of a Strategy for Urban Renewal” by Armstrong Williams, American political commentator, entrepreneur, writer, and host of a nationally syndicated TV program.

November 13, 2018