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Two Religions That Claim to Be Christian
(Sheri Bell in ChurchLeaders)… just in case you hear someone make these claims.

Nine Reasons Why Some People Abandon Christianity (And How to Talk to Them About God (Hannah Osborne in CPH blog)… just in case you run across some parents who fit this description—and you probably will.

Sanctity of Life and the LCMS (KFUO Radio)… just in time for Life Sunday.

Anyone who has children will chuckle over this from Babylon Bee.

The Future of Teaching the Great Commission: A Q&A (Barna) offers some sad insights about familiarity with the Great Commission.

Early bird discount deadline for the 2019 LEA NAC is today. Save $$$!   2019 National Administrators Conference February 17–19 in Washington D.C. Late-breaking good news: American Edventures offers a Feb. 16 travel journey—DC SECRETS FAM TOUR—exclusively for attendees of the 2019 NAC. More here. (Use tour code # 901570648.)

The convocation planning team and LEA staff are meeting in St. Louis Sunday through Tuesday. The team is picking up steam! We’ll be reporting to you soon. We hope to open registration early in March.

LEAnews will not be issued next Tuesday, January 22.

January 18, 2019

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The Importance of the Teacher’s Worldview (Michelle Holland for ACSI) covers a critically important topic for educators in Lutheran schools. “Fulfill the purpose for which we exist—to train students to think and live like Christ in this world so they can enter secular arenas equipped to withstand atheistic and humanistic worldviews as well as spark change in those around them.”

LEA is scheduled to record three podcasts this week. Members should watch for special announcements as these become available. Podcast and archived webinar links are available here. (You must log in as a member.)

God in the Space Between the Stars (John Stonestreet & G. Shane Morris in BreakPoint)… Read it in wonderment! Share it with older students too. (Weekend A La Carte)

Something you might want to share with parents… “Alike” (Thanks to Bob Foerster for this lead.)

Early bird discount deadline for the Feb 17–19, 2019 LEA National Administrators Conference is January 18. The early bird gets a better deal than a worm!

January 15, 2019