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·         Network publications from GLEnet, ETnet, and PEN

·         See the latest LEA weekly devotion “Whoops” based on 1 Thess. 5:16. You may go directly to the pdf version here.

·         See your LEA From the Past… devotion: “The Forecast: Rain” from 2006 based on Deut. 32:1–4. You may also go directly to the pdf version here.

Hurry! Hurry!
Propose a sectional—and encourage others to do the same—for the 2019 LEA convocation. Please note: READ All INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION, and be sure to CONFIRM your form when you’ve entered your information. Ignore references to “price.” Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2018. Hurry, hurry. Your colleagues need you!

School shootings:
How Teachers and Students are Responding this Time (Mind/Shift). Be sure to follow the links embedded in the article too. And you might want to see What Educators Need to Know about school shootings and social media.

This week’s webinar:
February 22, 2018  7:00-8:00 p.m. central (Register Now).

Writing Across the Curriculum by Denise Rice. How to write well may be the most important skill we can teach our students. This webinar will focus on how to develop and implement a school wide writing plan that emphasizes the importance of writing across the curriculum. This webinar will also include what make great writing "great."

Nine days left to nominate or apply for LCMS Director, School Ministry. See details (Reporter Online). We need to continue the long line of dedicated, knowledgeable, and all-around good synodical leaders in school ministry!

February 20, 2018


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NEW at www.lea.org

·         Network publications from LEADnet, ECEnet, SECnet, MIDnet, PEN, and EncourAGEnet.

·         Home page photos of the 2018 LEA award recipients

Tick, tick, tick… the clock is running down. February 28 will race into reality all too soon, so don’t delay in submitting a proposal or two for a sectional spot at the 2019 convocation. Propose a sectional—and encourage others to do the same.

Are you enjoying this month? See The Beauty of February in the Classroom (MiddleWeb).

Speaking of joy… 7 Things That Will Rob You of Your Joy as a Teacher (Teach4theHeart).

Give some thought to
What is Courage: Self-Confidence or God-Confidence (Bible Engager’s Blog, American Bible Society.)

Where did it go? The Hechinger Report has a column on how researchers can predict when a student’s mind is wandering.

February 16, 2018


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One last TA-DA before Lent…

LEA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 LEA awards:

Christus Magister

Rachel Klitzing
Executive Director of School Ministries
Pacific Southwest District

Distinguished Lutheran Elementary Administrator

Kevin Creutz
Central Lutheran School, New Haven, Ind.

Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Administrator

Cheryl A. Haun
EC Director
Zion, St. Charles, Mo.

Distinguished Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher

Leslee Johnson
Kindergarten Teacher – EC Lead Teacher
St. John, Chicago, Ill.

Outstanding New Lutheran Early Childhood Teacher

Madelynn Fish
Preschool Teacher; Co-director of Preschool and PreK
St. John, New Orleans, La.

Distinguished Lutheran Elementary Teacher

Kelly David
Third Grade Teacher
Zion Lutheran School, Georgetown, Texas

Distinguished Lutheran Middle School Teacher

Rachel Beth Duchac
Middle School Teacher
St. John’s Lutheran School, Racine, Wis.

Distinguished Lutheran Secondary Educators

Jane Louise Klammer
HS Visual Arts Teacher
Concordia International School, Shanghai

Joel Klammer
HS Physics, Engineering and Computer Science, Marine Research Coordinator
Concordia International School, Shanghai

Recipients of the network honors were selected by network leadership teams, and Christus Magister was selected by LEA’s board of directors. Additional information and photos of the recipients will appear next week at www.lea.org.

 February 9, 2018