About EncourAGEnet

EncourAGEnet's purpose is linking, equipping, encouraging, and celebrating post-retirement service.


LEA EncourAGEnet was established in 2008. Among the Network's goals are to

·        prepare LEA members for post-retirement service

·        showcase examples of post-retirement service options

·        disseminate information about opportunities for service and resource people and  materials

·        encourage LEA connection to non-members by offering access to an e-mail distribution list, website, and Shaping the Future magazine.

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EncourAGEnet Bulletin

Safety first! See details and links to a new report titled Older Adults and In-Home Safety from Meals on Wheels and The Home Depot Foundation.

Watch your mail. New Medicare cards are coming. Check out what you need to know. (Thanks to Dick Blatt for this lead.)

Like to play? See Exercise Your Long-Term Memory With Brain Games from humangood.org.

Tired of usual TV? Browse around GodTube. Some of it is good; some of it is not good. Much of it is entertaining or informative.

For your viewing pleasure… Lutheran church altars around the world (LCMS LifeTogether).

March 22, 2018


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About next week… EncourAGEnet Bulletin will not be published next week. It will return on March 22.

Something for all Christians to consider… The Scandal of Sheer Grace (Kingdom People).

Don’t you just love when the month changes and you get to see the latest issue of Rich and Charlie Resources? Get the March issue here. Start at “home” with Eleven Lenten Learnings and Leanings. And don’t miss the links on the right side of the page that take you to other interesting sites.

Looking for a little warmth? Read how one movie producer brings the Gospel to the movies (ChurchLeaders).

Two tiny excerpts from an upcoming feature article on retirement by Rich Cohrs…

·         The public usually frowns upon talking to yourself, especially if you have a hard time hearing and must constantly ask, “What did you say?”

·         To teach one’s spouse the correct way to do something may not be the best purpose in life.

Finally, if you would like to listen to some Lenten hymns, many of which might not be familiar to Lutherans, check out these top 40 worship songs for Lent.

March 8, 2018



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